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Well, I'm not sure if it's a GIANT rubber band ball, but I think I'll cross this one off the list for now. I've always started mine by looping an elastic band several times around another elastic band that's all bent up. Piece of cake. Struggle For Justice, Thank you so much for stopping by. My cat is pretty smart, but I am fairly certain she didn't think of ball making. When I mentioned lack of rubber bands or patience, it was really just patience for me. Yeah, I managed to put a small bag of rubber bands on it each month over the course of around 2 years.

The latex from a dandelion can make a small rubber band - but please do not do this experiment if you think you might be allergic to rubber or latex. Coat a finger down to the first knuckle with the sap, let it dry, and then gently roll this off - it will form a small, stretchy (but not very strong) elastic band. Dandelion latex will also make a rubbery sheet, if spread how to make a rubber band ball with just rubber bands on a piece of glass or a tile. However, it will be stickier than the elastic band, as body heat helped the latex in the elastic band to set.

By the late eighteenth century, European scientists had discovered that dissolving rubber in turpentine produced a liquid that could be used to waterproof cloth. After the latex has been harvested and purified, it is combined with acetic or formic acid to form rubber slabs. After workers make a cut, latex oozes out and collects in a container attached to the tree.

The more you rotate and change direction the more round your rubber band ball will be. When an area appears flatter, round it out by wrapping a rubber band there. Initially you will need to wrap the rubber bands around a few times to get them tight, but as your ball gets bigger, you will only need to wrap them around the ball once. Well, I took a pound of assorted rubber bands of a non-ergonomic variety, and began to make a rubber band ball.

In the video, he starts off with only rubber bands, but if you find it easier, I'd also suggest wrapping the rubber bands around a rolled up ball of tin foil. Now pick up a rubber band and wrap it round the ball tightly, looping the rubber band if you have to. For the next bag how to make a rubber band ball you might want to get a size larger so that the bands will still fit round your now larger ball.

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